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Jay Kemal

Teacher, London UK

"It was love at first sight! I first volunteered for sfk as a class facilitator around 10 years ago in a Hare Krishna temple in london, uk. I remember thinking and feeling 'I'm home!' This was the beginning of something special, not only would it change my life but more importantly, others! I went onto teach thousands of kids aged 7 to 13 across london in primary and secondary schools and the best part was that the children were from all over the world, different cultures, faiths, religions, all under one roof called london! We even brought together all the children from around the world who had gone though the sfk programme to attend an international week long camping experience. Some never spoke the same language but it doesn't matter when you speak the language of sharing and kindness, or even a smile which we all understand.

The magical thing about teaching sfk is the opportunity it gave me to heal my own childhood issues and traumas, I started to become more fun and light with myself and others. Naturally creating a simple spiritual dialogue to relate to others, awakened a desire to have children of my own to have the same dialogue with them (which I have and do now). Sfk gave me a platform to teach spirituality to teenagers, parents and adults many different platforms and settings.

Not just with my own but the many children sfk has impacted is beautiful to see and be a part of, from seeing them grow in confidence, treating each other with kindness and respect. By the end of the course you would have such a shift in behaviour,  which class teachers really appreciated. They noticed that once we addressed their emotional and spiritual wellbeing they were more receptive to listen, behave or make the effort at school.

One of the highlights of my sfk experience must be when we arranged an sfk uk summer camp in wales. This one Muslim boy named Mohammed, shy, quiet, didn't really get involved in much of the activities. To encourage him to get involved I had a go at the archery and failed miserably which I think gave him more confidence to have a go.

When he did have a go, not only did he hit the target from a long way out but he hit the bulls eye 2 out of 3! We both looked at each other in shock for what felt like a life time! I felt like crying as this was the first break through we had the whole week! The smile and glow from his face I still remember, as he felt for the first time he is good at something. It led us to speak about trying new things in life that we may be a superstar at, along with that we all have unique gifts from the universe that were meant to share with others. I made sure to celebrate his success story in front of his peers which made him feel connected to them when they got back to school."


Cecilia Rivero

Teacher, Guatemala

“SFK programs teach kids new information and principles about themselves, in a very easy way. Through a variety of learning approaches – videos, animations, games, art activities, journaling – children acquire social skills such as problem solving, self-esteem, sense of autonomy and sense of direction. These allow them to turn information into knowledge so they can change their attitudes and behaviors, and thereby balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual areas of their lives.

I have seen the SFK  program touch the hearts of everybody no matter where they come from. I have taught SFK to kids in schools, in non-profit organizations, in factories, and at hospitals; These kids were from different backgrounds (low income to high income), from violent and non-violent environments, ranging from 7 till 58 years old! (because even adults have an inner child) - all with the same result: the child, or the inner child in a grownup, realizes that they have a wonderful LIGHT within and that they do not have to look for it outside themselves. They learn there are rules and easy-to-use tools that will help them live and share a rich and fulfilled life.

SFK Programs touch people in such a way, that I, as a teacher, have also been affected. I have seen the Light in everyone. I now value how special everybody is in their own way. I am grateful to have been part of other people’s lives through my involvement with the SFK program.”


Ariel Auerbach

Miami, Florida

"I had the pleasure of teaching a class of children ages 6-11 in Miami every Sunday for 12 weeks.  Each and every lesson brought valuable information to not only the children but to myself as well. Coming up with examples, even on the spot, was such an easy task simply because I could apply the SFK curriculum to my own life. After being able to teach this class, I can say that when I come across different situations throughout my day, I naturally refer back to the SFK curriculum and use it! Every time we met in class, I could see a shift in the children I taught. For example, during lesson #4 students were completing an activity where they had to paste words to describe their light qualities on a frame that they would eventually fill with a picture of themselves. One student was stuck and on the verge of giving up. As I approached her and started to guide her through the exercise by filling her mind with different ideas she could at least start with, she was able to pause and come to back to the activity with full excitement. At the point, I knew she was ready again to complete the activity and she was actually the last student to leave that day. What I admired the most and got to watch was that this student was open to challenging herself instead of quitting which is of course the easiest thing to do. The student, only after 4 lessons, was open to hearing what I had to say, what her mom had to say and then continue trying. As a teacher, besides all of the great lessons and activities, being able to see that the students can start to become more open to learning and trying new things is what confirms to me that Spirituality For Kids is an amazing program that can indeed change lives. After all, being open to change is where it all starts!"



Hannah Hernandez

New York City, NY

"I’ve been teaching the SFK curriculum for 11 years in different settings, originally as a teacher for the organization I taught close to 500 students a week ages 7-12, and now as a private coach and workshop leader I coach parents and their children through the curriculum in a more focused way. Having these tools at my disposal to guide my students and clients through a journey of what it’s like to get to know themselves at a core level has been life changing both for them and myself. From overcoming negative self-talk, to communication blocks with parents, and difficult relationships with teachers, the SFK curriculum has given me a foundation, plan, and vocabulary to guide my students and clients through situations and challenges; important opportunities to become a better version of themselves, they would have otherwise let slip by unnoticed. In my practice, although I have access to many other coaching tools, this by far is my first stop in working with clients. I believe if parents and children truly understand and can apply the tools learned in the SFK curriculum, they will be able to live a life of open dialogue, utilize every challenge they encounter as an opportunity, and truly connect to their power to make a difference in the world through their own winning in the game of life."